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Drone Survey for Mining

about this service

“Aerial Geomatics” has developed an automatic, on-demand solution for collecting aerial data in mining facilities without the logistics involved in drone operations.
It's no secret that the world’s largest mining companies are investing immense resources in finding technological solutions to increase efficiency, improve safety and streamline operations. Drones are becoming an integral tool in this transformation, replacing manual inspections in the most hazardous areas and collecting critical information, while drastically reducing the time and manpower required.
“Aerial Geomatics” on-demand solution provides a direct connection to aerial data and new levels of insight. This autonomous drone, streamlines operations, increases efficiency and offers immediate, easy access to the required data. All without loading and transporting the drone, having to wait for the survey, or being dependent on a service provider.
“Aerial Geomatics” drone solution provides critical information in the following areas:
• Stockpile volumes and end-of-month reconciliation
• Terrain mapping and change detection
• Asset management and scheduling
• Situational awareness and emergency response
• Infrastructure and equipment inspection
• Security and surveillance

Stockpile volumes and Periodic Measurements

Terrain Mapping and Change Detection

Asset Management and Scheduling

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