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NPNT Drone Survey for Road Corridor Mapping

about this service

Aerial Geomatics, Drones delivers precision aerial road mapping surveys across short or long corridor areas, using NPNT drones with centimetre-accuracy, enhanced with optimised ground control points (GCPs) for levelling across longer corridors.
Our road mapping and corridor mapping services using precision drones is ideal for rapid surveying and inspection of road projects, railway lines, oil and gas pipelines, transmission lines and linear right of way corridors.
Our precision road mapping services help councils, transport agencies and civil engineering companies to quickly and accurately create precise large area linear maps and surveys of road reserves and existing road corridors by implementing proven aerial imaging and post-processing models and delivering a range of precision data types that go well beyond traditional ground surveys.
Our client deliverables include full corridor orthographic imagery, DEM/DSM/DTM with terrain contours, decimated point cloud, thinned and smoothed TIN mesh and more, all in CAD or BIM ready formats to suit your design systems.
Our precision corridor mapping services help infrastructure developers, rail operators, power companies and oil and gas operators to manage the compliance workload associated with right of way permits including mapping vegetation encroachment, PLS-CAD mapping of power line clearance distances, monitoring landholder encroachment, checking fences and signs, monitoring siltation of water crossings and gas leak detection as required.
Precision UAV mapping can deliver a range of cost-effective, timely and workflow-optimised outputs including:

High resolution orthographic images
3D point cloud, mesh or TIN
Breaklines for roads, structures, slopes and other features
Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or Digital Surface Model (DTM)
Classified point cloud
DEM and elevation contours
Water flow modelling
Volumetric measurement for cut and fill
As built comparison to design models
Outputs customised for your specific needs

High Resolution Orthomosaic Images

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or Digital Surface Model (DTM)

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