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30 Acres Of Land Audit at Samanthapuram, Rajapalyam for Mr. Sriram

"Aerial Geomatics" is engaged in a vital land audit project for Mr. Sriram in Samanthapuram, Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu. Our approach combines advanced GIS analysis with sophisticated surveying techniques like drone and DGPS surveys, ensuring a comprehensive assessment and management of land resources. With drones equipped with diverse sensors, including cameras and LiDAR, we efficiently gather detailed aerial imagery and elevation data with remarkable precision. DGPS surveys further refine positional accuracy, ensuring dependable georeferencing crucial for cadastral mapping and revenue map creation. The resulting revenue maps, seamlessly integrated into GIS platforms, offer a clear visual depiction of land parcel boundaries, ownership details, and valuation insights essential for auditing purposes. Through meticulous GIS analysis, we identify inconsistencies, encroachments, and land use violations, empowering informed decision-making in land governance. This integrated approach fosters equitable distribution, sustainable management practices, and compliance with regulatory frameworks, aligning with our commitment to excellence in land management projects.

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