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GIS: Master Planning with Advanced 3d Mapping and Photogrammetry Techniques


Significance Of Master Planning

Master plans serve as an operational platform to drive future development and respond to changes over time. A master plan should capture the uniqueness of place and project a strong voice and vision for the future, so that it becomes a tool for creating identity and authenticity. The result is a living plan that generates momentum towards implementation, and ultimately a built project with lasting presence. A master plan can transform a site, release capital, provide for the future and utilize buildings and external space more effectively.

"Drone Flight "

We have moved away from a stabilized vernacular culture in terms of technology, ethnicity, aspiration, economy and density. We are in a period of constant change and need to meet demands at the rate they are set by the end user. The advancement of technology means the way space is used is undergoing significant change, and populations in many key cities are increasing rapidly.


It is an integration of master planning and architecture, bringing in teams to plan projects holistically. This integration covers elements from technical planning to special characteristics and use. We are using a much deeper #GIS computational platform to realize master planning projects, and we now take into consideration the size and distribution of a building in a master plan, the economic issues and infrastructure and utility functions. All this has happened and been enabled in parallel with the introduction of technology and the science of master planning, to test designs.

"#3dPointCloud Image-1 "

Our team embarked on a mission to create a detailed map comprising 1002 acres of land for the future construction project. We strategized and divided the #dronesurvey into 7 missions. Each mission is choreographed with different flight plans, challenging contours and landform. Initially over 75 Ground control points were identified and marked for survey. It took us overall two days to complete the survey with two flight teams.

Once the survey is over, we complied the data over 8000 aerial images and processed the data (500 GB) which took us another two days to complete. With the help of the advanced #photogrammetry techniques we were able create High-Res #3dmapping & #orthomosaic image of the site.

"3D Point Cloud Image-2 "

With the High-Res ortho-mosaic images we were able to delineate the lakes, rivers, roads, HT wires, buildings and agricultural lands. We delivered over 20 layers of data in

various formats (CAD dwg, TIFF, JPEG & DXF) required for the Master Planning

"5 Meter Contour"

"Road Networks, Gas line, Railway & Canals"

"Land use Map"


This data gives planners a clear overview of large areas of land, making road planning, real estate management, land use calculations and volumetric analysis quick and easy. Ortho-mosaic images provides a quick and accurate method of providing vital information to assess the feasibility of a potential project or the progress of an existing project.

Developers can utilize the data to collect information regarding the inventory and analysis of a given environment and study the causes of development planning issues, such as traffic congestion, district heating, and overcrowding of buildings.


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